Titan Armor – Destiny 2 Guide

Titan Armor – Destiny 2 Guide

The iconic look of the Titan mark and bulky armor from the original Destiny title headlines the look of the Titan in Destiny 2. Here are the sets of Titan

Destiny 2: Best Titan Build for PVP (Armor/stats..)

Finally did a Titan build..
Hunter build : https://youtu.be/P1lxUdLtrz0
Warlock build: https://youtu.be/uidapO9r77I

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Bring The Thunder.. This NEW BUILD CLAPS! Destiny 2 Titan Build

Hey Crew!

Bungie Actually named this season after me the Season of Plunder!!!

But seriously though get ready for A Touch of Thunderclap and I am super excited to show you this build because your just living that Titan Fantasy!

Just having that Fist of power the Thunderclap and unleashing it over and over is so satisfying and it seriously claps everything, You could throw on wormgods
and hit over 500K Damage with it without any debuffs which is insane!

As you can see with the gameplay your watching this is truly a unlimited Abilities Build and you will be getting your Thundercrash super
as well left and right.

We have plenty of damage resist plus healing to survive and on top of that our Melee Thunderclap puts out close to 100K damage per shot and we have unlimited
of them and then our grenades as well do some serious damage and can do some tick damage between 15K and 20K which is crazy because again we have unlimited abilities

Through the new Titan Dodge in for mobility and fluid gameplay and you have a complete package build that really brings that thunder down

So needless to say if you get the Build flowing properly you don’t even need to shoot your weapon if you don’t want to!

Unfortunately for this video there will be no DIM link until DIM is back up and running properly and when it is I will add the DIM link near the top of the description but there
is a Build pic for you all to screenshot in the video to make it easier for you!

If you want to become a member of the channel and help support me that link is in the pinned comment and you get a one stop shop to every build I will be posting from now on! so a win win!
Thank you so much those of you who are members I really appreciate the extra support!

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Easy & Guaranteed GOD ROLL Armor Farm! Triple 100…Easy Mode! [Destiny 2 Builds]

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Easy & Guaranteed GOD ROLL Armor Farm! Triple 100…Easy Mode! [Destiny 2 Builds]

Hey Crew!

This is probably the number 1 question I get in all my videos and that’s how do I get the best armor and stat rolls so I can have double 100 stats like 100 resilience and 100 disciple and
even push that further to triple 100 stats to help out whatever PVE builds were making or just in general to get abilities back quicker!

So God Roll armor and acquiring that armor is so so much easier than you might think and we can actually force Destiny to give us at least 1 stat we want and then on top of that get a 2/3 chance to get a second stat
that we would want so it makes achieving those double or triple 100 stats so much easier and I wish I knew about this a long time ago myself so I hope sharing this can help some of you out!

We also have a guaranteed way to get that armor very very easily buy just actively playing whatever you want and I will show you that in this video so make sure to pay attention cause if your a newer player
or a seasoned vet you might still get something out of this!

You have 6 different stats in destiny 2. Mobility, resilience, recovery, discipline, intellect and strength.

Now for Builds in general you have the bottom 3 stats which is discipline, intellect and strength.

Well we don’t want Intellect because your super regen is tied to how much damage you do to enemies so the intellect stat is pretty useless because in most content you will always
be doing damage and that overrides any benefit 100 intellect will give so take that stat off the table we don’t want it.

Then there is Strength and we can loop our melee abilities very easily and in general there are ways to get it back like picking up your throwing hammer. So strength isn’t worth building into so we can lump that in
with intellect. Now we have 4 stats left.

Mobility, resilience, recovery and discipline.

Now discipline is something we always want and that is in the bottom 3 stats and are 6 stats are grouped into 2 sections. You have the top half and the bottom half, so top 3 and bottom 3,

when you get a high spike on armor in the top 3, your second high spike will be in the bottom 3 and vise versa, if we get a high spike in the bottom 3 like lets say discipline it will force the second
high stat to be in the top 3 so either mobility, resilience and recovery.

So lets force Destiny to give us the spikes we want. Since we don’t want strength or intellect we throw on the discipline ghost mod and make sure our armor drops with high discipline
since that is a stat we want for pretty much every build like 90% of the time.

Now since we forced the high stat in the bottom 3 we will get a high stat in the top 3 and we defiently want resilience right for that 40% damage reduction and we want recovery to get in and out of fights
quicker and the warlocks rift ability is tied to recovery and the titans barricade is tied to resilience so we want both of those on each class. So were giving ourselves a 2 out of 3 chance
to get that second stat we want because we already got the first stat which is discipline thanks to the ghost mod.

Now on Hunter you still would want mobility too for the dodge ability cooldown so hunter you’ll take any of the 3 in the top section of stats!

So let’s test it and show you exactly how were going to make this happen!

So we need 2 things, First we need Umbral Engrams which just drop randomly while playing which is awesome and then whatever currency your using to Focus, You could Focus in the Helm at the War Table, the Crown of Sorrow
and probably this seasons vendor astral seas which I haven’t tested personally yet. I am going to focus at the War Table since I have that Currency and it’s probably the Fastest Farm still.