Specialization Collections – Guild Wars 2 Guide


Specialization Collections – Guild Wars 2 Guide

Specialization Collections is a subcategory of Collections

★ Guild Wars 2 ★ – Style Guide

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Achievement under Collections/Basic Collections

These are the items that you need to complete the Style Guide, Basic Collections achievement.
They are hidden until you find one of the items and use it. There is more than one way to obtain some of the items. Check the link below for details!

0:00 Scroll of Knowledge
0:35 Tome of Knowledge
1:11 Dredge Manifesto (level 75 masterwork version) – From Rebel Isaak in Bore Lynch, Frostgorge Sound
1:37 Durmand Priory Field Guide to Skritt – From Scholar Antal the Patient in Troll’s Teeth, Dredgehaunt Cliffs
2:06 Priory Granite Citadel History – From Arcanist Vance in Spearhead Bane, Dredgehaunt Cliffs
2:39 Scriptures of Dwayna – From Historian Jinell in Deserter Flats, Blazeridge Steppes
3:04 Ebonhawke Cease-Fire Agreement – From Vanguard Lieutenant Viles in Warrior’s Crown, Fields of Ruin
3:32 Letter Home – From Arcanist Repth in Pact Rally Point, Triumph Plaza, Straits of Devastation
3:52 Seraph Trebuchet User’s Manual – From Lieutenant Pickins in Greystone Rise, Harathi Hinterlands
4:21 Memoirs of Captain Greywind, Unabridged – From Kiryn Brant in Ascalon Settlement, Gendarran Fields
4:43 Ash Legion Covert Demolition Field Guide FM-29B – From Sava Quicksnarl in Simurgh Timberland, Fireheart Rise
5:09 Godswalk Enchiridion
5:51 Koss on Koss
6:13 Arcanus Obscurus

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Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons – All Elite Spec Trailers Compilation

Welcome to this compilation video. I believe the short snippets for each of the trailers works better when they are stitched together, similar to that of Path of Fire. So, here it is. Enjoy!

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GUILD WARS 2: Class Guide Overview – ALL Classes & ELITE Specializations [What Class Should I Play?]

This video is my Guild Wars 2 guide covering all 9 of the playable Classes / Professions as well as all 18 of the Elite Specializations unlocked in the Heart of Thorns & Path of Fire expansions.
This video contains details about what armor, weapons, skills & specializations each class can use as well as showing off combat gameplay of all Classes & Elite Specializations.
This video also contains details of which classes are easier to play and which are more difficult as well as giving my opinion on the best and worst professions in the game.
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00:00 – Introduction
00:33 – The Warrior
03:17 – The Berserker
04:10 – The Spellbreaker
04:59 – The Guardian
07:20 – The Dragonhunter
08:00 – The Firebrand
09:01 – The Revenant
11:18 – The Herald
11:55 – The Renegade
12:42 – The Ranger
15:11 – The Druid
16:01 – The Soulbeast
16:54 – The Thief
19:36 – The Daredevil
20:29 – The Deadeye
21:08 – The Engineer
24:10 – The Scrapper
25:04 – The Holosmith
26:07 – The Necromancer
29:08 – The Reaper
30:07 – The Scourge
31:08 – The Elementalist
34:24 – The Tempest
35:29 – The Weaver
37:03 – The Mesmer
40:47 – The Chronomancer
41:56 – The Mirage
43:02 – What Class Should You Play?