Ser Rodrik Cassel – Game Of Thrones Guide


Ser Rodrik Cassel – Game Of Thrones Guide

Ser Rodrik Cassel is one of the few knights found within the North. He serves as Master of Arms for Winterfell and is responsible for training the Stark

Love and Hostility for Rodrik! – Game of Thrones AWESOME! – Part 15

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Game Of Thrones Game – HOW TO PICK UP CHICKS! – Episode 2 Part 5

Game of Thrones Game Episode 2 Gameplay Walkthrough / Playthrough . The Game of Thrones Game by Telltale Games follows Game of Thrones lore and focuses on house Forrester. This Game of Thrones gameplay will be in 1080p 60fps and will follow the complete episode 2 along with discussion of multiple choices / endings. Some possible choices include whether to kill or dont kill several charcters as well as betraying others. Characters in Episode 2 include Garred , Rodrik, Elena / Elaena, Talia, Ryon, Lord Whitehill, Lady Margery, Mira, Sera, Ser Royland, Frostfinger, Tyrion, Asher , and Damien .

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G.O.T Fights – Tyrion & Bronn & Ser Rodrik Cassel VS Tribesmen of The Vale