Dead Orbit – Destiny 2 Guide

Dead Orbit – Destiny 2 Guide

Dead Orbit is one of the three Factions that Guardians can join in the Tower after completing The Red War

Destiny 2: Faction Rally Guide

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Kings Fall REFRESHER Guide For Dummies // Destiny 2

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Kings Fall REFRESHER Guide For Dummies // Destiny 2

00:00 Intro
00:45 Opening Encounter
05:26 Totems Encounter
10:32 Warpriest Encounter
17:55 Golgoroth Encounter
21:53 Daughters Encounter
27:31 Oryx Encounter

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Destiny 2 – DEAD ORBIT’S CRUCIAL DISCOVERY! Our New Home Beyond The System and Destiny’s Next Saga

Hey Guardians! Today we tell the tale of Dead Orbit.. A faction of the Last CIty who has left with their fleets to search for our new home. Dead Orbit does not like the Traveler and believes our goals lie elsewhere amongst the stars. Arach Jalaal is searching for our new home and it may very well be the new location for Destiny’s second saga after the Light and Dark story concludes in a couple of years!

“Destiny 2 New Saga”
“Destiny 2 Dead Orbit”
“Destiny 2 Dead Orbit Lore”
“Destiny 2 Lore”

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